About Action Alphabet

Action Alphabet was started because I had a whole bunch of idea's and projects and wanted to help other parents teach their children the fundamentals of reading in a fun and enjoyable way.
Children learn naturally, they can't help it they are learning machines that is how God made them. Having 5 children of my own I have watched over the years just how hard Kindergarten has gotten. No more rest times  or half days it is intensive teaching and our children have to go in prepared or they will be behind.
There are so many books, workbook, programs and websites that are available for parents to use, but I couldn't't find a 'one stop shop' kind of website that had an intensive alphabet lesson plans available for parents that was fun, easy, and affordable. That is where we come in. I had been a professional arts and crafts designer and my favorite times in life has been crafting with my children around our kitchen table and snuggling up reading a good book. Watching the gleam in their eyes as they GOT IT! They understood a new concept, they learned a new letter or skill, the first time they read a book "all by themselves". Here are Action Alphabet we will give you all the tools you will need to teach your children their ABC's the fun and enjoyable way. Just go to the letter you want and print out the bubble letter, crafts, snack and games that start with that letter. They are all kid tested and Mom approved.