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Fun Alphabet Games & Activites


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Alphabet Hunt-Have children hunt around home or classroom finding objects that begin with
letters of the alphabet. We will send you the letter of the day and have your child find objects
that start with that particular letter.
*Tip-Before the game start (child not in room) put some objects that start with that particular
letter to make the game more fun & interesting.

Alphabet bag-In a heavy bag that you can not see through place objects that start with the letter
of the day and allow child to reach in and guess what that object is.
*Tip-First go over some objects that start with that letter so that way children have an easier time

Alphabet Charades- Get rid of the wiggles as your children act out things that start with the
"Letter of the Week". This game is fun and reinforces the letter of the week at the same time.
*Tip-Help your child read the word on the index card.

Alphabet Hopscotch
Goal: To help your child recognize letters and letter sounds
What You Will Need:
1) Several sheets of 8-1/2" x 11" plain paper
2) Crayons or markers ~Let’’s Go!
1. Print each letter of the alphabet on a sheet of paper. Ask your child to help
you decorate the letters with crayons or markers.
2. Choose ten letters and arrange them in a hopscotch pattern on the floor.
3. Play hopscotch, saying the names of the letters as you land on each square.
4. Play again, this time saying the sounds the letters make as you land on each square.

MATERIALS: One or two item for each letter of the alphabet. Mark each item with an
alphabet letter tag using masking tape and a marker, and place the around the room.
Large alphabet cards or pieces of poster board showing one letter of the alphabet each.
1. Gather children on the rug or in a circle and teach them the following rhyme: "We
are walking on quiet feet. Alphabet friends are what we seek." Tell them that there
are alphabet friends all around the room. They will know them by their alphabet
letter tags. (show an example.) Each child is to find one alphabet friend and return
to the circle.
2. Let the children search while reciting the rhyme. Give assistance when needed.
3. When all children have returned to the circle, hold up one alphabet card and ask all
children whose objects have matching alphabet tags to stand up and bring their
items to you. Name the letter and object and display them together.
4. Continue the game until you have gone through all the letters and collected all the

Have children form the letters of the alphabet using their bodies.

Play like Hot Potato. Sit the children in a circle and pass out cards with one letter on each
card. Play music while children pass cards around. When music stops, stop passing
cards. Have child name letter on the card he is holding.