Preschool Lesson Plans ~PreSchool Curriculum Letter of the Week

 Preschool Lesson Plans

Letter of the Week Preschool Curriculum
Preschool Lesson Plans
Alphabet Activities

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Why Us?
Our preschool letter of the week program is designed to automatically teach your students the alphabet.
  They will learn to cut, color, follow directions,
count, know their shapes, songs, seasons,
sort, match and much, much, more.
Be confident that you are giving your students a
quality preschool experience.

Fun & Easy Alphabet Crafts with Photo &
Complete Downloadable Directions,
Along with Printable "Parent Flyer" for
collecting recyclable craft items.


A-Z Alphabet Crafts
Kids Craft Projects that reinforce each letter of the alphabet.
Professionally designed with preschool teachers in mind.
Most are made from recyclable items
or paper plates, brown bags & paper.
You are not left on your own to figure out & draw every craft.
  Our craft projects come with easy to follow directions
& print out pieces when necessary.

Lots of Worksheets & Coloring Pages
-More than you will ever use.

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