Anty Egg Carton

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Ant Egg carrton Craft

Anty Egg Carton
Have fun making this cute little ant with your little one. Kids love bugs especially boys
but all you have to do is some pretty colored beads and some eyelashes and you have
a pretty little lady ant too.

-Letter recognitions
-Motor skills-Children will manipulate the pipe cleaners and thread the beads on the end of it.
They will manipulate the paint brush to completely cover the egg carton with paint.
-Problem solving-Putting all the pieces together.

Time: 10 minutes

Egg carton
-Pipe cleaner
-Goggley eyes
-Black craft paint
-Foam brush

1-Mom or Dad cut out 4 egg carton pieces.
2-Paint egg carton with black paint and let dry.

3-Staple one egg carton piece together with the next to create head.
4-Cut 3 pipe cleaners in half put beads on the end and bend up to keep in place.
5-Glue Antenna and legs on.
6-Glue on goggley eyes and small piece of pipe cleaner for smile.