Alphabet Decoupage Box

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Alphabet Decoupage Box
This is a fun kids craft project to do with your child. They can keep all of their alphabet objects in there and play with again and again to reinforce their letter recognition.

-Letter recognitions
-Motor skills-increases motor skills by using scissors and painting
the glue on the box.
-Problem solving-Figuring out how to get the paper to fit on the box.

Time: 30 minutes

-Shoe Box
-White School Glue
-Foam Brush
-Decoupage Paper

1-Lay out Alphabet Decoupage Paper on top of shoe box.
   Cut into pieces that fit around each side.  
2-Glue Alphabet Decoupage Paper onto box.
3-Let Dry

-I get all my shoe boxes for free by simply asking! They through out
a bunch of shoes every day in every shoe store.
-Instead of our Alphabet Decoupage Paper you can use regular construction paper and have your child write all different alphabet letters all over the box.