Alligator Clothespin

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    Alligator Clothespin     kids crafts watercolor
Alligator Snapping Clothespin
This is a fun kids craft project to do with your child to learn the letter Aa. Boys especially love this craft! You can get creative and make tons of different animals using this technique.
By adding a magnet on the back you can use it on the refrigerator to hold all the worksheets they did today!

-Motor skills-increases motor skills by tracing the alligator head pattern and by using scissors. Painting the clothespin with the paintbrush increases their fine motor skills.
-Problem solving-Children love the step by step approach to creating this fun alligator and figuring out the head placement.

Time: 15 minutes

-White School Glue
-Medium Size Paint Brush
-Alligator Head Pattern (Free Printable)
-Non-toxic Watercolor Paints
-Magnet strip 2”

1-Have child paint the clothespin green with watercolors and let dry.
2-Print out “Alligator Head Pattern”.
3-Color Alligator Head & cut out.
4-Glue magnet onto bottom of clothespin.
5-Glue head onto front of clothespin.
6-Put on refrigerator and fill it with worksheets ;-)

-I love using kids watercolors to paint wood objects for kids.
It works really great and is easy to clean up and does not stain clothes. So the hassles of painting are erased!
****Some watercolors are toxic! So make sure you read the label.

                                 kids crafts watercolor